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Holistic Wellness- "Stress Kills"

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What is Holistic Wellness? : A holistic approach of wellness is combination of: your diet, movement, spiritual and mental wellness. You can have a beautiful body, but if your inner issues are not resolved, soon you will encounter some problems in your physical body. It is important to find a balance on inner issues like your happiness and your quiet time through sleep and meditation. Thoughts, sleep, stress, your dreams and movement. Everything counts. This approach to wellness is very scientific, as well as being influenced by eastern culture of Chakra and yin-yang. We look at movement with the primal pattern, for example lunges, squats, push, pull and twist. We diet according to your metabolic type but, to us, nutrition is nourishment too. happiness comes in the form of your dreams. Quiet time is meditation, for expression we do art work like Mandala and sleep. A holistic coach is a fine practitioner in movement and a healer too where she will reach inside your spiritual and mental level too. In short your body is a temple but the idol of that temple or say Prana lives inside so it is important to look at all aspect rather then focusing just on one thing.



This Week's Topic : 

Stress Kills

Today’s topic is stress. This is an all-time favourite topic of my clients. And the reason is very simple – everyone knows that “Stress kills you”!  have you seen this written anywhere? I bet you have. Let me tell you a secret: Yes! Stress is bad for you but we need some stress in life to keep us going and challenging us. So not having stress can be bad too!

Let’s start with the typical day, for a young working mother. It is filled with stress.A typical day starts with a quick tea or a coffee. Then its time to wake up other members of the family. A gentle approach often does not work, so she ends up raising her voice (at least for the kids). Then she starts preparing breakfast and packs lunches for the kids. And in her mind she’s planning the whole day – her schedule, the bills to pay, grocery shopping, dealing with the relatives and friends. To make matters worse, the T.V in living room is simultaneously pouring news from around the world – good or bad; mostly bad! She literally works like a robot. She drops her kids to school and then she is at her desk to start her work, but she needs that cup of coffee to keep going. 

During the whole day she works pretty much in an auto pilot mode moving from one task to the other, fuelled by stimulators like tea, coffee and sugary drinks to push her through her day; until she finally gets to bed. But does the stress stop there for her? Nope. It’s still continuing and she’s finding it hard to sleep. Finally, she gets to sleep, only to be interrupted by the alarm the next morning. She repeats her day feeling tired and exhausted. Most of us experience this typical day in our life, almost every day.

I agree that you can’t just run away from your responsibilities and so what? Why do you need to avoid stress? 

Stress is damaging! Our body cannot tell the difference between an actual lion chasing you or the stress you feel whilst paying your bills. For our body, both the scenarios are stressful and it reacts to them equally. In a stressed situation, the body consumed the extra energy that it has stored to take care of special situations (like being chased by a lion!). However, if that special situation is being presented day in and day out, very soon the body consumes the saving and you lose all your surplus energy. Its like losing all your savings in the bank! Then the body needs to use the energy which is meant for normal metabolic processes – thus denying the energy for your growth, health and fighting off infections. No wonder, stress causes so many ailments in the body. The risk of having diabetes, ulcers, reproductive disorders and menstrual issues increase due to the stress  you feel daily. In males the sperm count and testosterone reduces because of stress and these are just few examples. In the long term, stress damages the nervous system and your immune system gets affected causing many unwelcome guests who can make permanent residence in your body. 

Scary isn’t it? But do you know what? We all can deal with stress easily if we reduce our stressor and look at some of the things which can help us to become calm and stress free. You are probably wondering if there is a magic pill? 

No, there is not! But trust me, every day I deal with my clients and with my family but I don’t feel stressed for most of the day. I feel great! Every morning I look forward to my day. 

A few facts about stress. Cortisol is a  steroid hormone which is produced by the two adrenal glands (located in each kidney) and it is essential for life. Cortisol helps to maintain blood pressure, immune functions and the body's anti-inflammatory processes. Located inside of the brain, the pituitary gland regulates the amount of cortisol released by the adrenal glands.

When we are stressed the adrenal glands increase the Cortisol level. People with chronic stress will accumulate fat especially in the mid-section (stomach area). Long term stress can lead to bone and connective tissue breakdown, osteoporosis and water retention. It can also lead to thyroid problems because your thymus, muscles, tissues (which can be damaged by stress) provide energy to body.

Your stressors are divided into two categories External or Internal. External stressors are those that can stress the body from outside, such as sunlight, physical pain, emotional trauma or exposure to toxic chemicals at home, work or on your body. Internal stressor is within the body and is usually as a reaction to your external stressors. 

An unhappy relationship is one of the most common and killing stressors. This is because the toxins from your environment are the ones which are stressing you. Even if you try your best to eat healthy and remove other areas of stress in your life, it will still be hard to release stress because you are still in a toxic relationship. And because of the relationship you will experience a chronic response within the system.

So now we come to the best part of this topic: how can you reduce your stress level to feel healthy and happy again?

  • First, address your relationship.
  • Second, have a dream, be passionate.
  • Eat healthy and provide nutrient and nourishment to yourself.
  • Sleep 8-9 hours daily.
  • Balance your Yin-Yang: A balance between nutrition, hydration and sleep (Yin) Accompanied by a balance in breathing, thinking and movement (Yang) 
  • Do some Tai-chi, meditation, qigong, take a walk in nature and have some unbound play*.
  • Take vacations.
  • Do moderate exercise.
  •  Do some zone exercises, which is related to chakra system.
  • Live an authentic life; and, learn from people who are living their life that way.


Lastly, how you live your life is your choice. Do not give this power away. 

* For more information, here is my video which talks about unbound play and nature.


About the author : Archna is a qualified Holistic Life style Practitioner from CHEK Institute, USA.  In addition, she has  done a number of courses in nutrition, and various forms of healing.  Archna works  with her clients located globally  on issues related to weight loss, depression, addiction, digestive issues, skin or physical issues in body. She has conducted a number of workshop worldwide. She is a keen writer on motivating and inspiring people with her work.  Her approach involves a mix of east and west cultures, she is known for her work on Chakra System and yin-yang system. A mother of two grown up kids, a dog and a loving husband she maintains a fine balance between home and her work.  

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all about choices at the end of the day

Pritha's picture

.. loved this piece... It is about what one does with the source of stress that matters.. some you cannot do away from and those you just gotta hunker down and deal with.. but there is a lot that can be ignored, rather must be ignored, if not IT DOES KILL.. it can be as simple as blocking somoen on Facebook or accepting your BMI for what it is .. and working towards a goal in a realistic way.. I dunno , it is for each of us to figure taht out in the end and make sure, if we do die, we die a glorious well earned end ;))) and not one that gradually poisons our body with toxins





Pritha Lal

Giving importance to what matters

Thank you for putting it all together in a such nice and easy way. If we like it or not we all need to learn how to manage the stress in our lives.
Lilian Prakash.


Thanks Pritha for reading and I totally agree with you . Love and chi.

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