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Holistic Wellness- "Weight loss and self worthiness"

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What is Holistic Wellness? : A holistic approach of wellness is combination of: your diet, movement, spiritual and mental wellness. You can have a beautiful body, but if your inner issues are not resolved, soon you will encounter some problems in your physical body. It is important to find a balance on inner issues like your happiness and your quiet time through sleep and meditation. Thoughts, sleep, stress, your dreams and movement. Everything counts. This approach to wellness is very scientific, as well as being influenced by eastern culture of Chakra and yin-yang. We look at movement with the primal pattern, for example lunges, squats, push, pull and twist. We diet according to your metabolic type but, to us, nutrition is nourishment too. happiness comes in the form of your dreams. Quiet time is meditation, for expression we do art work like Mandala and sleep. A holistic coach is a fine practitioner in movement and a healer too where s/he will reach inside your spiritual and mental level too. In short your body is a temple but the idol of that temple or say Prana lives inside so it is important to look at all aspect rather then focusing just on one thing.


This week's topic : 

Weight loss and self worthiness 


Do you find this topic strange?  I specially chose this based on my experience of working with a number of clients.  This is the most written about and discussed topic in fitness and yet there is so much confusion on it.  A cursory Google search will bring you pages of results, You Tube videos and ‘quick fix’ formula to manage weight.  I cannot comment on them, as I have not tried them myself.   But I can definitely share my perspective on weight loss and my experience. 

To me weight loss is a war.  A war in which we fight someone else’s enemies.  Ask around the people who are trying to lose their weight.  Who do they think is their enemy - weak will power, genes, laziness, eating habits, age, gender, culture, traditions and time. And the list goes on and on. I am totally with you that some of these are responsible for our fight against weight loss. But do you know which one of them is your issue?  And its severity? 

I approach weight loss not as a fight, but as a process of knowing yourself better. When body gains weight or loses too much of weight, it is shouting loud and clear that something is not working or something has to be noticed what you been ignoring for so long.  Weight gain can happen for some medical reasons like thyroid, hormonal imbalance, insulin resistance and many such hidden causes.  If this is the case, then it is better to visit your doctor and get it checked. Once you have results, you can slowly work towards your life style change through someone who understands this well enough to suggest a better change for you. 

Second is understanding the weight gain process.  No one puts on 30-40 kg in a day.  It is a slow process – primarily due to our indifference towards our eating habit and movement. We pick up a diet with a strong resolution; we don't leave any stone unturned for few months and we lose weight.  But then, slowly, the weight creeps back on us.  Why does this happen then?  In my view, giving 100 percent is not the answer and making every change immediate and instant is not right. 

Why we eat and how we connect with the food is altogether a different topic, which plays a major part in our weight loss goal. I will cover that in a different blog.  To get back to the points in dealing this issue, an average women till the age of 40 tries at least 2 diets each year or tries to change her shape. In total, in their life, 10 - 15 times they sit in the roller coaster of dieting/weight-loss/body shape. 
My suggestion to you is stop it now for few days. Find a photo from your childhood and your younger days.  And compare it with a recent snap. What do you see? Your shape has changed!  Obvious, isn’t it?  Why is that?
We all have different body shape. 

Ectomorph is the person who looks very lean and thin, with smaller bone structure.  They have fast metabolic rate and a high carbohydrate tolerance. 

Mesomorphs have a medium sized bone structure and muscular body. They do better with mixed type of balanced diet of carbohydrate, protein and fat.   

Endomorphs are heavier, generally more body fat and large bones. They do better with high protein and fat but low carbohydrate. 

So which one of the above are you?  Have you always been lean, or medium or heavier?  And you want to change that?  

You cannot change your body shape!  Having an understanding of your body shape type is the first step to understanding your weight issue.  If you are an Endomorph, you cannot be an Ectomorph!  However hard you try!  So now, roughly you know how you looked growing up.  Please stop trying to fit in a size which is not yours. Accepting this makes a big difference towards your goal of losing weight and being healthy.   However, within your body shape type, you can definitely work to enhance it.

Make a small change in your life style.  If you are eating out often, try to eat home cooked food. 

TEE is total energy expenditure doing your usual chores.  So let say a waitress and a mother of two young kids will spend more energy then a woman who has desk job and grown up kids.   Any exercise what you do all counts here.

Your metabolic rate that is the amount of energy you spend breathing, sitting and sleeping.   It helps to know how much energy you are spending roughly.  Here’s a good tool to measure your energy expenditure:

Now, to lose weight you need to create a deficiency of few calories.  And for this you need to know how many calories you are taking.  Logging your food intake is very good because a lot of time we do not know how many times we nibble on leftover food or sometime we try to justify our decisions saying I eat healthy but yet I put on weight. As a coach, I always encourage my clients to maintain a food diary diligently.  After a few weeks, I do not need to explain to the client where those extra calories are creeping in from.  Do not give up eating certain food which is labeled bad or junk; but eat with a conscious mind. Log each and everything on your food diary. 

Eat when you are hungry. 

Do not jump on the scales every morning.  Weighing machines can't see the changes what you are making daily to improve your life style. And what it tells you is just a number. And remember, you are not a number.  Instead listen to your body!  They would tell you a different story.  When you wake up, did you feel bloated, like you used to do?  Do you feel less tired than you used to do?  Do you feel happier than before?  If so, believe me, you diet is working and your body is telling you that – and the weighing machine is completely ignorant about it!

Chew your food, eat slowly and just 80 percent full.   People in Okinawa, Japan says hara hachi bu , it means “eating until 80 per cent full”.  They drink lots of water, exercise regularly and finish eating before they are full. Why 80 percent?  The breakdown of enzymes and nutrients in your body is a slow process. It takes your brain a full 20 minutes to register that you are full. Most of our meal doesn't last that long enough for us to realise this. And hence we eat more than what is required.

Cutting down just few calories here and there each day will show results. Do not cut down drastically on calories.

It is OK to indulge in any food or over eating one day.  It does not mean you do not have will power or that you are a loser!  It just means you are human!  Everyday is not the same.  Just wipe your slate clean and start afresh! And be back on track. 

Include all macro and micro-nutrients in your diet. Do not exclude any group of micro/macro nutrients, unless you have food intolerance or sensitivity or a medical condition.  Remember to include good fat, carbohydrate and protein in your diet, preferably in every meal that you eat. Sugar is not your enemy.  Having sugar in moderation will not kill you. Flow with your body’s demands and needs. We often eat very less protein.   Try to include more and see how your body works.  Slowly you can fine tune it.  Slowly move to vegetables, fruits, good fat and protein.   And once a while, reward yourself for being good by indulging in your craving!  Come on!  You have been good for a week; you have meticulously noted your intake and you have maintained the 80% rule.  You deserve a treat!  And this will not throw you off the track! 

Walk wherever you can; every steps you take, counts. How about walking over to the desk of your colleague in the office/fiend in the neighborhood, instead of calling her on phone?  How about walking two flights of steps, and then take the lift?  How about a longer walk to the car park, than taking the short-cut?  How about parking your car at the furthest point when you go shopping?  Every step counts!  Any form of movement counts.   Don’t like walking?  How about dancing?  Or swimming? Or gardening?

Have patience.   Those bulges took time to settle in your body!  They did not happen over night!  So how do you expect them to disappear in a day?  Do not cut down your calories intake drastically!  Any drastic reduction can have a major impact on your endocrine system and lead to many issues. 

If you have joined a gym, do not just use a treadmill or a cross-trainer or a stepper!  Lift weights!  Surprised?  Are you?  Believe me; it will not make you big, or muscular!  Lifting weights impact your lean muscles which are important for your body shape.  They give those curves to your shape and make you look fit!   And you no longer need to depend on your hubby to lift those heavy shopping bags any more!!!!!!

Use a pedometer, or a tracker to help you track your daily activities. It keeps you on track.  Each step counts when you want to change.  I personally use a ‘Fitbit’ device.  However, you have a lot of choice to select a good tracking device.  Look at this page for more information on the tracking devices:

Weight change is not the end result of what you are doing.  Interestingly, it is a means to achieve what you should be ultimately aiming for – a better life style!  Pay attention to you sleep pattern, your bowel movement, your sex drive, your skin, your energy level and your outlook towards life. Are they changing?  Has this made you feel more worthy?  Do you feel more confident?  If it does, then definitely you’re doing something good!   Do not read or interact with information that disturbs your inner peace.  Do not compare with others.  Every person is different.  Their body reacts at their own pace to the changes. Howsoever small changes may seem to others, they count towards the BIG transformation in long run. 

So when do you start your journey?  Do let me know if this makes sense?  And if you have any questions, or would like to know more on this you’re most welcome to visit my website at or mail me at


Go Girls!  Live your dreams!


About the author : Archna is a qualified Holistic Life style Practitioner from CHEK Institute, USA.  In addition, she has  done a number of courses in nutrition, and various forms of healing.  Archna works  with her clients located globally  on issues related to weight loss, depression, addiction, digestive issues, skin or physical issues in body. She has conducted a number of workshop worldwide. She is a keen writer on motivating and inspiring people with her work.  Her approach involves a mix of east and west cultures, she is known for her work on Chakra System and yin-yang system. A mother of two grown up kids, a dog and a loving husband she maintains a fine balance between home and her work. 


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Very Very informative!

This article has opened up a

This article has opened up a whole new perspective abt weight loss. 

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A very informative and interesting article, thanks for sharing.


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