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Home Sweet Home

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Love of brass

Brass for me, it's classic, always has been and always will be. The love for my brass, plausible and dazzling as it is, fits perfectly to raise and cheer in the month of February where love and passion celebrations are at the peak. Touring you around at each and every cranny of our jazzy living room, which is a gold alloy of brass. Our conscientiously put together brass collection makes our house truly a home with an expression of our individuality. It is my everyday gold that I wouldn’t trade for the world.
Aj, my globe trotter husband, should be positively acclaimed here for his keen eye for our proud collection. Additions, of any new pieces from his jet setter lifestyle, are pure joy and treat for us being brass aficionados.
Though, my design crush for brass definitely echoes my upbringing, where Aladdin’s cave kind of inherited goodies were overflowing in my home. The fancy of brass was initiated and pushed through as my mom exposed me to the rich decorative possibilities with her alluring brass. 
Major makeover, of these pieces, works wonder on my coffee table, which allows me to play with unique and causal clustering with a fresh spin when the mood strikes. If there is a crowd or just me at home, looking at these well curated pieces always makes my heart leap.
Flash back of few years, jogs back into my memory of the days when we had the tiniest corner to befit whatever we had in initial stage of life. How the mild obsession kept on growing and when we inadvertently collected all these pieces we didn’t even realize, now any flattering phrase on our heaving treasures makes us full of pride.
Many pieces of our collection have a colorful bygone era touch and/or story twisted. Such as this brass inherited pot housing white carnations is an antique piece which is over a decade old belonging to my grandfather. Many old memories hark back, each and every time I use it in my decor. The tall Diya in the second picture is my prized possession aged as old as my school years (precisely with me since my early teen years). As I recall the episode, that came home as a presentation of our cultural exchange program for Mizoram along with many other small brass artifacts. Lovingly layering it for my décor dredge up good ol’ school days and the fun time we had on that trip.

Though, cleaning is one herculean task that I tackle with good old tamarind way. Few newly added pieces hardly need any cleaning and shine bright always but old real solid brass with antiquated touch needs once in a while scrubbing.



Through our collection, brimful with outstanding pieces, our living room breathes elegance and simplicity. Combined with love and perked with passion, to preserve the traditional bone of us, our collection truly cultivates our personal style. Hoping that the tasteful and generous collector in us will share many more update on the space with the continuity of it.


 About the Author : Greetings from Toronto! I am Pinky, a gujju mom raising two teenagers, who also happens to be a complete neat freak and a Bollywood aficionado. Professionally, a business administrator who goes hand in hand running a business with her husband. A new schooler on the blog sphere belting out the saga about true labour of love, our home, which ignited the true passion of my creative soul. Passion is the key ingredient of my inspiration, revel with my décor and details to kindle utterly unique concepts right at

About the column : Glad to join the band wagon and be a part of uber talented girls on B'khush. In my column 'Home Sweet Home" I'll be sharing tips, tricks and ideas to make your home Beautiful. 

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