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The Homemakers of West Bengal Donning New Hats!

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 It’s a beautiful Monday morning here. Hubby just left for an early morning meeting, the little one happily enjoying the morning siesta. Holding on to my morning cuppa I thought this is the apt time to call a friend of mine in India. She’s a home-maker, a mother of two. She stays with her family in a remote part of West Bengal. We haven’t met for years now but every time we catch up on phone its with the same zeal and fervor that we exchange stories of our lives. This time the excitement was much more than expected. As she picked up the phone and figured its me on the other side, she immediately quipped in her cheeky voice, “From next time onwards you better schedule an appointment before calling me, I am going to be a celebrity soon”, and then she burst into laughter. Gradually as she settled down, in between various chit chats, she finally told me that a dream of hers is soon going to come true! She has been selected in one of the very popular game shows organized by a bengali television channel and the programme will not only be aired in India but across multiple countries. I was extremely happy and congratulated her immediately. With her life revolving around her family, who could hardly care for the rest of the world, this was a sure shot achievement for someone like her.

I have had a chance to see a couple of episodes of the game show and remember some celebrity host taking them through rounds of introductions followed by a number of games. At the end there are goodies galore, the contestants and the winner brings home house hold goods, jewellery, and many more prizes. Needless to say the celebrity status donned on them is the most lucrative prize the women could savor.
Be it a home maker, a student or a working professional, everyone loves to be popular. To be discussed among the peer group, to be known as little differently, to be appreciated. These game shows have redefined the identities of these women. Through such programmes many more dreams are coming true and the perks of rubbing shoulders with celebrities in the sets are bonus. Apparently, many women have travelled to Kolkata specifically to participate in similar game shows, considering there are many such shows that let you spend time with a celebrity and get you a piece of stardom that you eyed for. I came to know that apart from the youngsters some of the episodes also had grandmothers as participants, making it a very popular show amongst all age groups.
The woman of today undoubtedly has come a long way. Apart from all the work she does, be it at home or office or both, she still craves for more; to carve a niche for herself, to create a unique identity, to be known as an achiever in every possible way. Interestingly, many women these days are being encouraged by their parents and in-laws for participating in such programmes. For women there, these game shows have taken the recognition at a different level.
With television channels competing for newer heights, where TRPs are capable of ‘make or break’ situations, the women in that part of the world today oblivious of any such criterions are just bothered about only one thing , “Will I be the next Didi No. 1?

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That's an amazing piece for sure. I just loved the way you potray things. Will be waiting for some more to come... :)

Name fame

Anumita Chatterjee Roy Moon's picture

I guess it is the human tendency to see their name printed where all can see and admire...and in the screen world there is an added perk of visual of the actual individual...and I agree women have come out of their shell and find pride in letting themselves be known to the world..liked the way you wrote it out Amrita...

Anumita Chatterjee Roy (Moon)


True! Its the human tendency to be happy about getting admire n being popular with what she/he is doing. i agree, particularly women has started taking steps forward to chase their dreams and come out of their world. Good piece ! i liked the way you unfold your story. Keep up !

Very well thought and well

Very well thought and well written. I can see you have actually thought a lot about these game shows which we generally fail to notice.I guess i have seen this game show.

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