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How to wear a Maxi Skirt

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How to wear a maxi skirt was a question often on my mind and it even caused a few sleepless nights because having tried this trend a couple of times and failing miserably at it I decided wearing maxi skirts was not for me. But each time I looked at those fabulous pinterest maxi skirt pins my heart would pine for anything maxi length too..Id tell myself “maxi skirts are not for the ‘not so tall’”, but my heart refused to listen.

So I decided it was time to learn how to wear a maxi skirt, considering the fact that they were occupying considerable space in my wardrobe ( and its essential to make every square inch of your wardrobe sweat for you) and the little girl in me was yearning to be in the floor kissing, feminine silhouettes. I would dream of  beaches, summer evenings and the wind getting caught in my summery pastel dreamy maxi skirt.

So I experimented a little and here is what I learnt about wearing a maxi skirt, especially if you are not a tall skinny supermodel.



1. Belt it

A belt is your best friend when it comes to making a maxi skirt work for you. It gives shape and definition while adding an interesting element to the entire look.


2. Crop it

The crop top trend and the maxi skirt trend bursting onto the fashion scene, together, is no coincidence, some matches are made in heaven and no designer would dare to rebel against those. It gives shape by playing a little peek-a-boo and tricking the eyes.


3. Statement accessories

Pair the skirt with statement accessories.



4. Balance is the key

If the skirt is billowy wear a fitted top and if the skirt is fitted go for a draped, loose shirt / top or a tee.



About the Author : Abhilasha Mehta is an engineer and a MBA by profession, she always wanted to study and work with fashion. She juggles many roles together. but her day revolves around her role as a mother.

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