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Human Trafficking

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 About a week ago, around 8 in the evening, I heard tremendous commotion somewhere close in the neighborhood. The screams and wails were so loud and disturbing that I decided to check it out. As I walked down the lane, I noticed that few houses beyond mine, a woman was being pushed and pushed around by a man. The woman was screaming and there was generally a lot of commotion brewing around those in the house.
Just when I was about to make enquiries and intervene, the lady of the house emerged, nodded at some of us who had come in hearing the noise and left with a rather young girl. The next day, word spread that the gentleman( who’s house it was) had discovered that the girl who worked for them as house maid had been trafficked in the past and this had led to a huge commotion between husband and wife, since the wife had apparently known about it, but didn’t mind employing the girl on humanitarian grounds.
Since then the girl has been rehabilitated elsewhere, but the incident reminded me of thousands of other women and men, who have been a victim to ‘Human Trafficking’.
Human trafficking not only violates the fundamental right an individual to live with dignity but it is also one of the most horrible forms of violation of human rights. Unfortunately, victims of Women trafficking are far higher, because the profits are higher too. In fact surveys have shown that selling of young girls is much more profitable than trafficking of drugs or weapons. As a result of this the global sex slavery market generates an annual profit of an estimated $39 billion.
In 2001, the National Human Rights Commission, in India set up board for identifying the ‘Focal Point on trafficking’. Of course since then a lot of measures have been taken to identify and stop human trafficking, and many have actually been successful (read story) but neither are the legal ramifications strong enough, nor is the rehabilitation of such women easy or acceptable. While the law takes its course, as part of the society, it is our duty to rehabilitate such people who have been the butt of such a ghastly trade and give them a chance of being absorbed in regular life and society.
There is of course much more awareness about it today, than ever before perhaps, with celebrities, politicians and NGO doing their bit to promote the cause. But till the time, the common man fights against this evil, little can be done. We need to remember that the girl child that you see, who has been a victim of such trafficking could actually be your little darling too.
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