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It's A Woman's World…For Men!

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The recent men's wear trends seem to take cues from women's hottest styles! The 'bold and beautiful' menswear line is something decided to explore...
Usually trends are never similar when it comes to fashion for men and women. However, this year men's fashion and style has come with a all new trend; they seem to have mixed to create a twist, as men have borrowed from the present trends from feminine fashion. It is brilliance and optimism teamed with spunk and Asian influences teamed with sheer fashion, lace and stripes.

The recent trend gets to see modern men that take you into a woman's world. There are lots of cuts, prints, patterns and colourful outfits that are the key looks. Exactly like feminine fashion, skinny trousers and jeans are taking a place in men's wardrobe. Also there are lots of flared pants in colourful hues with the retro essence; and it is good to see them bold and beautiful just like women.

We even see several Hollywood stars and fashion designers getting inspired by this trend. The recently concluded fashion show in Paris got to see a new play of proportions that were skirts for men! There were lot of skirts and tunics over shorts, short pant skirts, long tops and lots more. And brands like LV, Givenchy, Tisci, Marc Jacobs, YSL, Versace etc are selling them all pretty well.

Industry's celebrated personalities seem to be happy with the revamped look. Fashion designer Rohit Verma loves wearing bright colours to spread that feminine essence; he was recently spotted at a show with red shorts and white fitted T-shirt. Choreographer Terence was seen in a green fitted trouser teamed with short jacket and pink scarf for a TV show and he looked stunning in the trendy outfit. Dashing Siddharth Mallya looked great in tight fitted jeans and pink T-shirt. Tollywood star Dev believes in his own style statement, he looked striking in a bright red fitted T-shirt for an event. Akshay Kumar too seems to be getting inspired by the trend, we spotted him in long hair and fitted pants.

Rohit Verma feels, "I make my own trends. I am very fond of womanly shades like pink, red, peach, orange etc, I feel they look good on me."

Make-up artist Kaushik of Kaushik-Rajat, shares, "Of late I have seen many designers and celebrities promoting this fashion. I am too fond of bright colours, and it is good for men to wear something striking and beautiful. I feel it is a good change. In India we have started with smaller changes like cuts, patterns and colours whereas abroad almost every country has taken it forward with a challenge."

Kolkata based stylist Sandy feels, "Men's fashion has taken a big change this season. Almost every brand and designer is working on something that has a feminine essence for men; for instance bright coloured pants and trousers, printed colourful scarves, lot of pinks and reds, coloured and printed shirts. We are yet to see skirts. But, it's a good change whatever seen so far. Now even men would look lively, chirpy and colourful."

Fashion conscious men should probably hesitate a little less and welcome the newer trends with a big nod; and make sure to buy something that suits you better than your present style statement!
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