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Jumbo Prawns in Mustard and Coconut Gravy

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This is a typical Bengali delicacy. The speciality of this recipe is it's richness . The mustard paste, the coconut and the aroma of the prawns make it a show stopper at  any meal. So if you are a prawn lover..try it out and since it's made in microwave becomes one of those no hassle, finger licking good recipes.
prawns(shelled and cleaned properly with  the head and the tail intact)--8-10(large ones)
2.coconut scrapped(3-4tsp)
3.mustard seeds(5-6tbsps) ... chillies(8-10)
5.mustard oil
procedure: make a paste of the coconut,mustard seeds and 5green chillies.take the prawns in a bowl and add the paste to pour a generous amount of mustard oil and salt to taste and mix well. now transfer the marinated prawns into an oven proof bowl n allow it to cook in a microwave oven for 20-25 mins at 180' celsius.serve hot garnished with slit green chillies and with steamed rice.

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