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Karan Johar to Wed: Really? No. Really?

The rumor mills have been working overtime with the name ‘Karan Johar’ and the word ‘Marriage’ together. The minute most people read the headlines, they gasped. Not at the idea of Karan Johar actually taking part in the shaadi business but more so that he would have a bride for a spouse! Now, let’s be honest. Everyone who knows Karan know one fact: he’s gay. Even though he’s never come out to fully acknowledge his sexual preference and choice, you can be darn sure he does not like women. Trust me.

Anyway, so the grapevines screamed of a young vivacious New Yorker ( Vandana Melwani) who had stolen Karan’s heart. They apparently met through Johar’s mother who insisted he take a look-see at this young lady. They met, he was floored and voila, news was created. Publications went on to talk about a South of France sho-sha wedding which would be attended by the who’s who of Bollywood. And then the inevitable happened. Karan Johar denied these rumors. Shock. Horror. Please note sarcasm.
I’m a firm believer of “there’s no smoke without fire” concept so I know there needs to be an element of truth to this story. So here is what I think. Karan Johar is probably sick to death of the gay rumors and thus, the only way to put these stories to an end is to marry off a young eligible woman ultimately becoming a “Beard”. Confused by the term? Well, the idea of a “bearded” man is one that was used in 1960’s. Men who are gay but choose to marry a woman as a cover become a Beard. Karan Johar is the newest Beard in Bollywood. Like he needed more names to his name.
If these rumors are in fact false, invalid and fabricated then really this is a sign for Karan Johar to wave the rainbow flag and come out of the darn closet. It’s so sad to think that a man who makes films about homosexuality is one who cannot admit to his own. Perhaps this is a façade that K Jo hides behind as a defense mechanism. Think about it carefully. Every film that K Jo associates himself with tends to contain some homosexual connotations. Good or bad, biased or stereotyped, they are there. Definitely a defense mechanism if you ask me. And what is wrong with being gay? Not a darn thing. India is a country that is a lot more open and accepting of homosexuality in the new millennium. Granted, if you would have attempted to come out of the closet in 1978, you would have been shunned. But not in this day and age.
Really, this would explain everything about Karan’s rather overfriendly attitude too. Homosexual men are known for being far friendlier and thus, Karan finds himself in the good books of all the A-listers in town. Also will justify for why most filmmakers hardly feel threatened by Karan.
My advice to Karan? Get over it.

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Good dig at poor Karan Johar. Let his sexuality be. Maybe because he is in a mainstream profession in a country like India, where sexual preferences(if otherwise) are always kept inside closets, he chooses to remain non-commital about his preferences. But how does it really matter ? My connection to him is as a viewer and he,an entertainer. I would have to say that he is a very sharp person, a good (catty) conversationist and not bad for some idle TV viewing . Even I like his style of telling stories (MNIK was cliched though).So straight, gay or Bi - it really doesn't matter, as long as he keeps churning good work . Ayon


It's 2011 and what K Johar does in his bed or in society for that matter hardly matters, as long as he does what he does best..entertain us. If he really is gay as many think..Id admire him more if he came out about it openly..or maybe he's just thinking of kids & the family structure in marriage..whoever needed to marry for sex anyway these days..not the celebrities at least..

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