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Khatta Meetha - A Review

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So you all must be waiting to see the antics of Sachin Tichkule, who has been showing everyone the 'Road' to failure! Yep.. I am forced to use this sentence right in the beginning, as the road to success is hardly seen in the film. Do not go by the trailers, that seems to be promising and by the Television channels where Akki happens to be the guest at every other serial and reality show. The Reality is that - The film falls flat and there is nothing Bitter neither Sweeter about this Malayalam remake of Priyadarshan himself.
Corruption and Murder. Road Block and Tractor Factor. There are more Pot Holes in the film and also in the script. This road to Akshay Kumar's successful career is definitely a failure. Priyadarshan's magic is lost and the climax is nothing worth laughing! Remember that, all Priyan's climax made you go Ha Ha Ha.. Hee Hee Hee.. But, this does not!

Now for some Khattas and Meethas.
All about Bribe and no Bravery (Akshay is not in his Khiladi form) and his comedy does not evoke laughter. Very Khatta. Not at all Meetha. More like a Ordinary Man (with his dress code of a Government employee), Akki does not impress the cine goer. Trisha could have had a better launch in Hindi. After seeing her in this film no one would compliment her for her 'Pheeki' role. Very Khatta. Not at all Meetha. The only four actors who are more Meetha's for their role (performance) are Johny Lever, Rajpal Yadav, Mohan Joshi and Asrani (the best amongst the entire cast)
Overall, this film is neither KHATTA (Bitter) nor MEETHA (Sweet), but very PHEEKA (Tasteless).
Rather, go and watch the old film of the same name (not the same story) - KHATTA MEETHA or catch the SALT (Angelina Jolie) film! coz sometimes its better to taste your buds with different flavors!

Sundeep Malani
Film Critic

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Haresh's picture

I wasn't looking forward to Priyadarshan's movies any more anyway.

It's high-time there's some variety in comedy flicks.

The film is better than this trash review

I wonder how it must be,living the parasitic life of a critic,whose survival depends on pulling down hard work of others...what a second hand life indeed ! Imagine what will happen if the creative types suddenly decide to stop working...these critics will be on the streets ! Had the author read "Atlas Shrugged",he would have been able to understand.However,going by his writing standards, I doubt if he has ever gone beyond "Manorama".

"Khatta Meetha" is good in parts,noble in it's premise and like most movies,has it's share of holes.But who said comedy was easy ? Go see it for Akshay Kumar's sincerity and Johnny Lever's sequence,which are enough to give you ur money's worth.

A critic of critics :)

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