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Knock Knock!

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Knocks come in all kinds. Hesitant knocks, gentle knocks, urgent knocks, warning knocks, impatient knocks, angry knocks….
Each knock has a message, a story to it.  The urgent knock is a short, hard rap on the door, usually incessant and hard to ignore – the type you are subjected to in the bathroom when the person on the other side of the door has to attend to a ‘can’t-put-on-hold’ call with Mother Nature.
The hesitant knock is a half-muted tap followed by a few seconds of silence and an equally muted successor to the first knock – the type we are so used to doing when entering the doctor’s room or attending an interview.
The good news knocks are high-spirited taps on one’s door. Music for the ears. Followed by the cheerful drum of fingers against the wood as you hasten to open the latch – the pizza delivery guy on a rainy day, a loved one coming back after a day’s work. And the bad news knocks are apologetic in their sound even. They are unsure, yet firm. You open the door to see grim faces and your heart sinks.
As most other things, I have a favourite among knocks too. It is the thump-thump that sounds half-way down the door. A little below the handle. It is an excited, beckoning knock and I cannot describe the feelings associated with the sound. There is music to it. A rhythm of its own. Sometime scuffling follows at the other side of the door. Thump …thump…scuffle…thump! Eager, expectant, sometimes a little impatient but Oh! I never tire of it.
I open the door slowly, building up the excitement and see Ryan standing at the other end, one chubby fist raised for another set of knocking. I feign surprise each time I open the door. And his tiny face beams with delight. Each opened door (however familiar to the rest of the family) is a potential rabbit hole down to Wonderland for him. It’s a passage to the Land behind the Cupboard where Witches and Lions prevail.  He walks in smiling like Alice. And I step back grinning like the Cheshire Cat.
 Well….that’s my favourite knock. What’s yours?

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