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This PAATHSHAALA will have less Attendance at the Box Office!

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Take a Note of this: Mohabbatein, Taare Zameen Par and 3 Idiots. These three super hit films do not have anything to do with the New Release. The subject of Love, Dyslexia Student and Engineering is well handled and proved to get Medals and Merits in the Entertainment System. But, Paathshaala, also to do with Educational System is all about Reality on Board! And is actually Bored! That's the Reality!

Back to School Anyone? Well, put on your uniform, take your bag of school books, your tiffin box and enter the school. Saraswathi Vidya Mandir. But.. instead of studying and getting educated and promoting to higher standards, here you sing, dance and act as extras in films and reality shows. Yep. The Institution makes the student act over the studies only for commercial purpose. Shahid (English Teacher) ko Yeh pasand nahi. He sings and dances with Kids. Thats reality but No Reality has to be shown for any Media purpose. He over-reacts and also gets the staffs and the teachers to protest. Principal Patekar does not support. Why? Watch the film.

There is no benchmark for the film and the education system (screenplay) is very weak. Besides the Teachers (Characters) do not teach (act). Instead of getting an admission fee (ticket fee) for such high amount (multiplex amount), you would rather not get yourself admitted (not watch the film).

This Paathshaala (School) will go with less attendance (viewers) at the School Office (Box Office). And the Summer Holidays for Kids will not help the film get any attendance (students) too! Its Not a Child's Play (film) anyway!

Sundeep Malani
Film Critic

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Thanks Sundeep! Thanks for

Haresh's picture

Thanks Sundeep!

Thanks for helping us with your homework (review).

Looks like the course/college isn't worth getting admission into.

Is the movie a TZP type?? not

Is the movie a TZP type?? not interested to go see it anyways.
The review is kinda funny


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