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"Platonic Friendship" or A " Physical Relationship"

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 Human relationships are complex – They look simple and straight forward sometimes and  self-contradictory at other times. The relation between a man and a woman usually falls under the rigid category of romantic(read sexual)relationship. But there are other relationships between the two opposite sex, which aren’t quite as simple; as clearly distinguishable; as easy to comprehend, or define.

Platonic relationships they are  called. Perhaps, platonic friendship would be a better term, moving away from the physicality that comes with the term ‘relationship’. ‘Friendship’,therefore, is a better way of putting it. Platonic relationships transcend non-physical man-woman relations – they’re just as applicable to relationships between two men, or two women  irrespective of the scope for sexuality in these relationships.

The question is, does this  work? Especially, as compared to romantic relationships?
 It’s a difficult question to answer, because this type of relationship  follows no rule, no reason, no beaten path. They’re like a bunch of roads diverging in all directions haphazardly, often crossing each other, and then diverging again – sort of like a crazy railway network somewhere in the territory of the human mind –or heart, may be.

 Where do these  platonic friendships start?
Well they begin from scratch, the material that constitutes the metaphorical scratch is commonality. Interests that match,  similar views and opinions – things like that.The people involved enjoy each other’s company because they enjoy talking to each other – they have so very much to talk about. Then emotion begins toseep in – affection, which gets deeper and deeper, yet is non-sexual. 
Is it possible to stay in a platonic relationship forever?
Sometimes, platonic friendships stay platonic, and sometimes, they don’t.Sexual feeling begins to creep in, which is when they lose their platonic
color and begin to take on a romantic one.As far as most romantic relationships are concerned, the partners eventually wear each other out to some extent or the other – which, again, has something to do with the physicality inovolved in it. This obviously sounds very cynical, and is not always the case, but mostly, in my opinion, that’s how things work.
What makes a platonic friendship so special?

 When it comes to the platonic friendship type , the partners usually have fewer expectations from each other. This lends the relationship much more space and room for individuality and unconventional moulding. They have no obligations which bind them to their chairs and have social recognitionstamped all over them. This makes them far more durable than the other sort we are discussing.

Romantic relationships – resulting in marraige obviously revolves around "sex". After a few years of marraige when the initial euphoria starts to die off, the physicality involved in these relationships takes over. Sometimes, it's only about sex. Power play eventually comes into action. A sexual hierarchy of sorts develops.  There’s always the vying for control between the partners, and that sometimes is very harmful for a relationship. That is the reason why couples tend to drift apart. Even if not formally and legally, but mentally and personally for sure. The partners become tired of the whole power process – weariness creeps in. Some look for new partners outside this one,hoping for fresher relationships that will make them happier – and so on.There’s also the question of expectations, intensified by the‘together-till-death’ obligation. The partners give each other little space– in fact, the very nature of these relationships deny the space that are found in platonic friendships. The romance is replaced by suffocation, andthings begin to go wrong. This is  however not so much the case in short-term sexual relationships, where the partners know that they’re not liable to thetogether forever convention. That’s one kind of romantic love which, thoughit doesn’t last long, probably makes the partners much happier, over all.

Romantic love, especially the kind that translates into marriage or some entails many responsibilities. Sometimes,these responsibilities are so great, that in managing them, couples havevery little time to give each other, or to nurture their relationship. Arelationship of any kind needs nurturing, throughout. If it doesn’t get the proper nurturing it dies down, slowly. Responsibilities can do this.
The partners go to work, where they spend the greater part of their day. They have domestic duties to attend to. Then, of course, there are the children. Where, indeed, is sufficient time to give each other in a serious relationship like this?

People often become devastated, probably because the relationship has become a habit that’s difficult to relinquish, we can not deny that marriage today does not hold the same importance as it used to in the earlier generations. Break ups / divorces/ seeking new partners are not a big deal anymore for many people.

So is that the reason why a lot of people are preferring a platonic friendship over a romantic relationship?

 May be the answer is "yes"!  A relationship with someone who understands, shares and cares, without expecting much more than a simple reciprocation of affection that has nothing to do with the body( Atleast not for a long time), is probably desired by many.

So my dear readers, will it be correct to say that a "platonic friendship" have a greater chance to last than a "romantic relationship"?
Please share your thoughts.


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I don't thing that this Platonic stuff works

Sure,it is a safe premise to venture into a strange relationship, or to subdue feelings of guilt which come along. But with time,I doubt that two potent individuals can keep sexuality out of a relationship. So in my view,this is just a name used as a cover.
I may be wrong too ! So would request that no one takes it personally.

Platonic thing can work only

Platonic thing can work only in a long distance relationship.

It's all about what one

It's all about what one wants. It's about the determination and the choice one makes.

Its all about what one wants

I have been involved in a platonic relationship for a little over three years. During the early stages of our relationship he did introduce sex, which, i immedatly backed off. Later in the relationship I saw a change were he started accusing me of having sex with someone esle. Now to know me if I were I would tell him if that was the case. Then earlier this year he called me and informed me his brother had passed, now maybe I should have relized the next thing, which I didn't he introduced sex again this time letting me know he had no intentions of having relationships with anyone esle. Next phone sex was demanded, thinking of him notes,ang sexual gestures which only resulted in him further accusing me of fooling around. Im no fool, that when I started asking and found out he considered what was going as a PLATONIC REALTIONSHIP with us. Once he answered this question I immedatly ended the sexual tones of our relationship. I am his friend and will continue to do so, but I will not be disrepested for someone esles enjoyment.

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