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Serving Red Wine

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Why is that most people (and bars and restaurants) I know will serve wine at or above room temperature? Granted it’s red wine but most people are unaware that the temperature wine is served at can greatly affect tastes. Alcohol will bite when served at room temperature and you can’t really taste the flavors within a bottle without feeling and tasting the warmth.
 Lighter red wines like Beaujolais can be served at even cooler temperatures like 50 degrees F or 10 degrees C. Most other reds including Cabernet, Merlot, Bordeaux, Zinfandel, Rhones and Shiraz can be served at 60 degrees F or 15 degrees C.
It’s easy to attain this temperature if your normal room is a lot warmer – just chill the bottle of red in the refrigerator for 20 minutes before serving. The myth that red wine should be served at “room temperature” is very misleading because room temperatures vary and can be anywhere between 65 and 80 degrees!!! That can surely sour a wine and make it taste more acidic than it actually is.
I’ll bet more people who claim they don’t like red wine, may actually enjoy it if they sipped it at an ideal temperature. So, next time you are out and if that bottle of red feels too warm, don’t be afraid to ask for a bucket to chill your wine.
They may think you know nothing about wine but in reality, you know a lot more than them!
Happy Drinking!

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