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Spirit for Living - "The Wisdom called Reiki"

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We are extremely honored and excited to introduce Sonia's new column "Spirit for Living". 
Sonia's column will cover :
1. moments of reflections 
2. different perspective to different areas of life
3. Practical exercise to bring spirit in  life
4. Healing process
5.How to  make healing way of life 
6. To be more aware and conscious about oneself  and the larger picture of life 
7. Bring joyousness in things we do
8. Enhance communication and understanding articulation 
9. Moments of realization 
10. Simple read for better living

Chapter 1 : Recovering Adventurously from your Illness

Chapter 2 : The Soul of Belief

Chapter 3 : Ownness to OM-ness




 Chapter 4 : The Wisdom Called REIKI 


"Rei" means the Spiritual Wisdom and "Ki" means Life Energy. Thus, Reiki is Spiritually Guided Life Energy.


Today's write-up is specifically for those who are looking forward to getting into the world of consciousness and healing. Every discovery starts with curiosity and intense urge to know answers to the questions of life. One such amazing soul was Dr. Mikao Usui, who questioned, that if the Masters, with the power of their touch could heal people long time ago, then where has the power lost in today's world? With this intense urge to know, he decided to go on the mountain for 21 days and meditate for those powers to happen to him; to understand the wisdom that exist and which we may not be able to access.


He took along with him 21 stones to throw away each stone day after day to keep track of the number of days passed. Nothing profound happened to him till the 21st day. He stayed without food, water for 21 days but nothing seemed to be convincing experience for him to happen. As he got up at the end of the 21st day, on his way back, he suddenly felt going in trance state. He fell down and in his trance state, the wisdom of Reiki was channeled to him, with all its symbols and meaning to it. When he came to consciousness, he walked down the mountains where he hurt his toe. He kept his palms on the toe and in no time, the toe was healed. Well, that was miraculous moment of his life. Finally, he succeeded in what he was looking for. He realized that, anyone on this planet; any common man on this planet can connect with Reiki, the way it happened to him and can heal oneself and others. The two very important aspect that he shares is that, there always has to be attitude of gratitude and one must channel Reiki to someone, only when asked. 


There is more to the story, but at this moment, what is important to know that you and I and anyone on this planet can be a Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Master. There are three levels of learning and practice in Reiki. One can become a channel of Reiki when your Reiki Master initiates you in it. Attunement is important for anyone to practice Reiki. In level 1, you connect with the Reiki energy and then heal yourself through understanding various body positions for healing yourself and others  through the power of touch. Level 2 mainly focuses on learning various symbols and healing yourself and others using those symbols. We learn healing someone at distance and connecting with your Chakras. Level 3 has two levels, one; in which you learn to use Master Symbol and in another, you actually learn to become a Reiki Master yourself.


Over a period of time, there are many techniques channeled to Masters. Those are traditional techniques and Japanese techniques. The only difference between the both is Japanese technique uses more of intuitive healing and placing the hand position for healing. Whether you are a practicing Reiki or a Master, you understand the basic principles of it and you understand that every healing technique helps you to be more conscious, leads to your evolution and makes you more intuitive. It connects with your purpose in life more closely, helps you connect with your own body and guides you for welfare of yourself and others.


I am a Reiki Master and I have had wonderful opportunities to teach many people on the way. I have realized one thing that this Spiritual Wisdom is open for everyone and that; each one of us have super powers to heal oneself and others. All of us on this planet are in the pool of wisdom, sometimes the wisdom comes has heavy waves and sometimes, it just flows through. 


So, if you are keen to begin your journey towards you; Reiki is one of the ways in which you open the door of your own infinite potential and wisdom.


Keeping this article short. If anyone wishes to know in depth and learn, you can connect with me directly on Will be happy to serve.





About the Author :While graduating in Psychology, Sonia started an NGO called ‘Touching Lives’ in 2003, with a belief that – ‘It is completely our need to serve than saying, we are serving the needy.’ She was only 20 then.Sonia has completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology and Clinica lHypnotherapy.Her spiritual journey began when she met her guide in 2006; She has won a Noble Laureate Award – Karmaveer Puraskaar in 2011 by iCongo and the CNBC Young Turk Transformer award – Social Entrepreneur category. In 2008, she received the Aga Khan Youth Award for Excellence in Leadership and the Aga Khan Role Model Recognition Award in 2009. She has also received Gaurav Puraskaar in 2011.She further trains people on alternative therapies and conducts various workshops on subjects like Biblio-therapy, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Meditations, etc. She has developed a model called as Meta-Quantum Learning Model through which a child can become an ‘Independent Learner,’ in his/her life.

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