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"Stones Add Meaning to Designs" Neelam Kothari

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Actor turned jewellery designer Neelam Kothari was recently in the city to launch an exclusive range of bridal and wedding jewellery collection at her signature store at Baid Boulevard, Kolkata. Neelam takes inspiration from fine details for the bridal collection; she has turned her focus to weddings. Neelam tells us all about her latest collection and the most trendy accessories.

Tell us something about your exclusive range of bridal collection.
My designs include lot of jadau and diamond sets. The designing is very simple instead the intricate line, the straight and simple line could be worn in a long run. Its like, the minute a design gets too fancy and ornate one gets restricted whereas the more simple and poised line makes one easy to adorn it anytime. The creations offers a very elegant, fresh and romantic feel. It gives a perfect out of the ordinary look.

What is most unique about this collection?
I have played safe in my latest bridal collection for the reason that, Kolkata market doesn't accept lot of change in jewellery. If there is something extremely different, it takes a while for them to accept the concept and so, we need to break the extra add-ons. My newest bridal designs are very wearable, classic and evergreen. Importantly, this time I have not designed something called a bizarre creation.

How important are colour stones while designing an ornament?
Colour stones add a meaning to the designs. It makes thing more attractive and classic.

How do your designs change from Mumbai to Kolkata?
My designs are pretty much same be it in Mumbai or Kolkata. I don't go in for too many different designs. Its just that, for Kolkata I have designed a daily wear line that includes earring, rings, pendants etc.
How do you style neckpieces suitable for saris and lehengas?
I always recommend jadau sets to be worn with a lehenga in a big function for the reason that, it gives a classic and traditional outlook. Its like jadau is a heavier piece and will look more attractive with bridal lehengas. Whereas, sleek diamond neckpieces or stone studded stuff moves best with saris. Moreover, Jadau is something that looks out of the ordinary.

What do you feel is most trendy in jewellery?
Where buying is concerned, I feel trend is towards pendants and earrings. Its like, lot of women look out for a solid pendant pieces which looks all the more attractive with coloured stones. Moreover, people may not always look out for a heavier neckpiece.

Do you feel these days fashion is more Bollywood oriented?
Not with fine real jewellery; it might be with the fashion jewellery or the costumes. Its like, on ramp shows, the jewellery gets over shadowed by the garments. However, its true to an extent that fashion gets bollywood oriented.

Any tips for bridal jewellery lovers?
The bridal collection is a reminder to cherish the joyous and passionate moments. The culmination of these experiences is what makes a relationship richer and meaningful.
Article Source : Femefashions

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