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Sun Safety

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We all know that too much of sun exposure is not good for a healthy looking skin. Studies have shown that 90% of the wrinkles are caused by excessive unprotected sun exposure and only 10% are caused by the natural aging process. What we might not know is that Sun Rays penetrate deep into our skin and can temporarily alter the function of white blood cells, meaning that even mildsunburns can suppress the immune functions of the skin. Sun Exposure is the number one cause of Skin Cancer and Premature Aging.

The following points will unravel your doubts about sunscreens(SPF), and I am sure after reading this article it will strictly be a part of your daily skin care regimen.

∙ The purpose of Sunscreen is to protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Daily Skin Care Regimen should include a minimum of SPF 30. Most experts believe SPF 30 is enough provided you put enough and as recommended. Super­high SPF numbers like100+ are just marketing gimmicks.Choose one which is Broad Spectrum ( protect againstboth UVA and UVB rays).

∙ The SPF of the product does not indicate the number of hours you can stay out in the Sun without burning your skin. It indicates the degree of exposure or time that anindividual can sustain exposure to the Sun before the skin starts to burn. For example,SPF 15 indicates that you can be out in the Sun 15 times longer than you could without any protection.

∙ Reapplication of SPF is necessary. The general principle is to apply every 2 hours.Especially if your are into sports/swimming/have beach affair frequent reapplication is recommended.

∙ The American Academy of Dermatology says to apply SPF on dry skin 15­30 minutes before going out in the Sun.

∙ Protective clothing is my favourite bet, even if you apply SPF. Make sure you wear a hat to protect your Scalp from UV rays. Also wear sunglasses with 100% UV protection to protect your Eyes and for Lips wear a lip balm with at least SPF 30.

∙ It is important to apply SPF even if you are indoors or just going out in Sun for a shorter period of time. This is because UVA rays are not even blocked by glass/windows allowing your skin to be exposed to damaging sun rays.

∙ Many people complaint about sensitivity associated with SPF. Try SPF marked as for "sensitive skin", often they have physical UV blockers such as Titanium Di Oxide and Zinc Oxide.

∙ Do check the expiration date. They generally expire after a year. The formulae's UV Filters and their efficacy starts to break down

∙ Sunscreens having Antioxidants such as Green Tea, Vit C, Vit E boost up the benefits of SPF, by protecting against the free radical damage.


About the author: When I was in India, I was a Financial Service Consultant with the MBA degree, screwed up in a 9-­5 full time monotonus job. I got married and moved to USA in 2009. Most of us dream of that.But truly speaking the day I landed at LAX Airport I was not excited. I was only missing my family,relatives, friends. The flow of emotions were so intense that initially I used to feel, when will I go back..back to my country my people. I used to nag..nag a lot. Days passed and I realised thatthere is no way out and I have to stay here at least till my husband’s project will continue.That wasthe peak time for me to decide whether to waste this time in nagging or should I make itworthwhile. When you are alone you get so much time to dip your hands in stuff you neverthought of, to understand that your life has a purpose. I got fascinated towards DIYs, healthyliving, crafting, writting and beauty which inspired me to pursue the esthetics course in and Ibecame a licensed Esthetician. I never thought of doing all this when I used to sit in a small bank cubicle. Few of my articles got published in the Indian magazine Woman's Era which boosted myconfindence and I stared blogging. Now every morning I wake up with a purpose,to learn, toshare. I want to learn and grow with each passing day and thats the aim of my life. Simple. Right!


About the column: Through this column I would like to share whatever I learn in the process of making my life better ( DIY beauty products, healthy tips, crafting, and much more). So stay tuned!


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