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"Tere Bin" A Love Ballad From Heart

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 Amitesh Mishra is a well known name in Silicon Valley. A successful physican by profession, Amitesh is equally passionate about music.Amitesh  is not only a “trained world class western guitarist” but is also qualified in North Indian classical vocals.  His debut album "Hindustan ki Kudi" was broadcasted and played on all major Indian  music channels. His second album "Milan" which was released in 2010 got applauded by music lovers from all over the world.



Mishra is now all set to release his third album. "Tere Bin" is one of the songs from his new album, an original composition which got accepted by i-Tunes, Spotify and Amazon immediate

ly after its release.


When asked about his new composition, Amitesh said "Tere Bin composition is getting back to my roots featuring my guitar and a love ballad from my heart.  It is a raag based composition using mostly all acoustical instruments.  The sounds on this song are very melodious and the words very meaningful.  My goal is to learn from my past and compose high quality songs that people will remember and humm for years to come. I hope Tere Bin is that song"


Take a listen to "Tere Bin"


 The "Tere Bin" Team :

Singer/Composer/Guitar: Amitesh Mishra
Tabla: Kush Khanna
Mixing/Editing: Mike Walti
Lyrics: Amitesh & Bashir Badre
Mastering: Ranjit Dhaliwal
Production Consultants: Gajendra Mishra, Manesh Judge, Kavita Mishra
Free Song Downloads at:
Get in touch with Amitesh

Also, check out this song on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon:(search "Amitesh Mishra").

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Anumita Chatterjee Roy Moon's picture

Multi talented person.

Anumita Chatterjee Roy (Moon)

Amazing! Very soothing

Amazing! Very soothing song.....All the artists are great.Best wishes always..

Cool stuff !

Nice to see such a multitude of talents from one person.
Thanks B'khush for spreading the word on such fabulous talents.
Dr. Amitesh Mishra - Good work. Would keep a tab on your future albums too.


Thank You

Thank you for the nice comments :-)...glad you all enjoyed the song.

I just downloaded your song

I just downloaded your song Tere Bin from your website. Good to have such talents in Bay Area. The song has a very catchy tune that's in your head for a long time. Great job!



Thanks for listening !! Please go to to download mp3 for free & connect on Facebook for future song release/info. Songs also on iTunes for your iPhone (search amitesh mishra).


Ruby Sahay's picture

Awesome! Awesome indeed!! Quite a soulful number, mesmerizing voice and great music. Way to go! Would love to hear you in a Bollywood beat...

Will download the song, I quite liked it, light and peppy!

Best wishes


Thanks Ruby !! Yes, our next music video is my version of Jai Shiv Shankar with fusion of my song Jugnoo filming Oct 2..will be out for Diwali and includes Anisha Bakshi another world class singer..


Thanks Ruby for the kind words and enjoying the song..we will be filming our next single Jugnoo-Jai Shiv Shankar as a tribute to Rakesh Khann Oc 2 and releasing by Diwali !! You can actually hear the song on iTunes (search Amitesh Mishra) as they wanted to publish it early (but we will be advertising only around Diwali time) :-.. resot of the music on

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