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'Tis The Season

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"They say, you remember the people who make you happy. My cartoons are an humble effort to leave you with that smile... " - Prodipto Roy

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I bet!

And I'll leave your viewers/readers with more than a smile:-)Awesome as always, mate!

Haha...very funny! loved it!

Haha...very funny! loved it! Much kudos...:-)

I am a regular visitor of

I am a regular visitor of B' 8 yr old daughter has a request for the author..."can you post something for the kids too"? amazing..loved your woek!

You did a put a smile on our

You did a put a smile on our face...:-) very cool creation.


hehe...verry funny!

hehe...verry funny!

Thanks Prodipto!

We are very lucky to have Mr. Prodipto Roy on board. Fyi,Prodipto created the very popular "Mahishasur Pala". I am sure there is hardly any bengali who did not watch this amazing series.For those who didn't get a chance to watch please do now:



Just Loved it!

Hope we will be able to see more of your creations!

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