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Tossed Pebbles - "Desert Rose"

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Desert Rose is an allusive work crafted with the deeper intricacies of emotional upheavals and weaved with philosophical aspects highlighting the miraculous power of love and positivity. The poetic diction proves how even in desert rose’s bloom.

Hope readers of the column “Tossed pebbles” will find it intriguing to explore roses in desert.


Desert Rose...!


In the desert of the mind

thoughts spread as sand dunes

that is bare and brown

and try to dissolve its colour

in the waves of dry ocean.


At times the silent whispers

escape with the despair

to an unknown horizon

that cart the secret seeds

of dreamy prairies.


Off seasonal twisters

triggered by emotions

that swipes life clean

with its harsh swirl

that falls on its path

by the destined storms.


Despite all hostility

a heavenly aquifer

having a fairy simper

permeates soft vapour

that is hidden beneath

in the layers of cold desert.


With sacredness

sensitive heart kiss

all subtlest feelings

and promise its essence

that helps in germinate

a unique 'Desert Rose'

that blooms and never withers

while withstanding

insane desert storms..



About the Author : Born and brought up in God’s Own Country with the tranquillity of nature, I am a lover of nature and to explore it to the fullest my affinity towards art grew up with leaps and bounds. I found that poetry is a viaduct between everything in micro and macro levels. Writing has a spiritual dimension too where one can be in the sacred space and now wholly that gives an alluring unique experience to a writer. Academically am an economics graduate from Calicut University, Kerala. Blogging and sketching are other hobbies I absolutely love to immerse in. I blog at

Some of my dalliances on this pristine journey as literary embellishments are fragmented in few anthologies like Anthesis, Indus Valley, Eternal, Forever and Wings. Been fortunate and blessed enough to bag few awards too.  ‘ The faith Centred Poet ( Highly Commended) in the ICOP: ROLL OF HONOUR, the Bi-Monthly Critics award, Monthly Critics award, Poem Of Month at Destiny Poets UK ( An International Community of Poets). My poems were published at Episteme : an online interdisciplinary, multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural journal, featured on World Womens Day and Worlds Poetry Day at Learning and Creativity.



About the column : As Rumi says - “You are not a drop in the Ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop ". Here I am presenting a monthly poetry column ‘Tossed Pebbles’ for all B’Khush readers especially for the poetry lovers.  I love the way words come alive in the sparkle of moods and feelings.  

The rhetoric struggle to bring forth a new emotive impulse or revelation through the mystic fire of muse is euphoric. Poetry emits mellow literary fragrance that touches our souls. It stirs the emotion that makes this literary form unique. So my humble try would be to deliver poems with all shades of life and wish my each poems converse with you in such a way that you come back to this space again and again irresistibly.  My pure joy rest in where your heart is.  I crave all of your encouragement for the poetic spirit in me to flame and may the glow lit your life and enrich deeply. I believe there is a hidden poet in each of us and waiting for a moment to come out. Let my poems be that sparkling spark through which you find the poet in you. So let us start our journey together and hoping to make a mesmerising and memorable one. 


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Breeze in Oasis of thoughts

Inspiring the minds of thirsty for the landmark of beautiful oasis in the vast horizon of unending flow of your thoughts. God bless you dear!

Thank you :)

Maayadev's picture

Thank you will be an understatement to such an awesome comment . Feeling elated and blessed that my pen are turning some new fresh leaves .

reading ur poem has suddenly

reading ur poem has suddenly made the inhospitable n harsh desert, a beautiful place. loved the way u interlinked the harsh brutality of the desert n its storms, with the human thots n emotions. also loved the way how u ended it, hinting tat even in the harshest environment of the heart, a bit of love, support n care, will make it bloom, to its full glory, just like the desert rose.

a big thumbs up to you Maaya. really enjoyed it. cheers.


Thanks :)

Maayadev's picture

That's an awesome comment. More over, a stupendous dissection of the poem to get into its crux.
Thanks a lot.

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