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Who Looks Better in a Sabyasachi Creation

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Wearing a Sabyasahi is like a dream come true for any woman. Be it the girl next door or a Bollywood diva.
Presenting 3 gorgeous ladies of the B'town...Take your pick and let us know who looks the best wearing a Sabyasachi!
Is it Aishwarya ,Vadya Balan or Rani Mukherjee?

Aishwarya Rai Bacchan:
Vidya Balan:
Rani Mukherjee :

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For me, it's Rani -> Vidya

Haresh's picture

For me, it's Rani -> Vidya Balan -> Aishwarya in descending order.

Yes for me too.. Rani, Vidya

Yes for me too..

Rani, Vidya and Ash


Rani : )) Madhavi--

Rani : ))


Aish , Vidya , Rani..

Aish , Vidya , Rani..



Sabyasachi or otherwise...

anita.a's picture

After Rekha, if there is anybody who can carry a saree,look sensuous and graceful too, it is Vidya Balan!

Vidya, Vidya and Vidya all the way!


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