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Why Is My Child So Slow

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As a counselor, I get a lot of complaints from the parents about how their children can not do things as fast as other kids! These busy parents do not like when their child takes forever to get out of the bed, finish their breakfast, get ready etc. They cannot afford to live their life in slow motion, because these parents have a lot of other things to do. I do not blame them completely. In today's fast paced world. It's almost a vice to be slow. You have to be on your toes 24/7, if you slow down you will fall behind in the "rat race".

Well, I am sure after the release of the movie "Taare Zamin Par" everybody knows one thing that is " Every child is unique" .I could'nt agree more. 
 A child can be slow for various reasons.

  • Some have focussing problems, which makes them easily distracted from the things that they are supposed to do.


  • Some are just reluctant to the changes.They can not move from one activity to the other with ease.They need constant reminders. When hurried, these children leave a lot of work unfinished.


  • Some are just day dreamers. They just like to sit and dream. Remember Ishan Avasthi from Tare Zameen Par?

When a child can not finish their work on time what do the parents do? well in most cases they yell, give punishments, compare them to other kids who can do things faster.Most likely what do you expect? the child will start doing things faster!. sometimes they do. But most of the time when you scream "hurry" They slow down even more so that you finally give in and help them out.It is another way to seek attention from the parents.
It's not always a good thing rush. But again it's the call of the day. So here are some pointers for parents. Instead of yelling at your little ones try and see if these works.

  • Teach your child the importance of following a schedule and finishing work on time.


  • Always make sure that whenever you are giving instruction, your child is paying attention.Ask him to repeat the instruction you just gave out to him.


  • If your child is having a difficulty in swtching from one task to the other. Then limit the number of activities he has  to finish at one go. Instruct him at the end of each task what he has to do next.


  • Be consistent about punctuality. If you expect your child to finsih something at a particular time, make sure he understands/knows the consequences of not finishing the task on the given time.


  • If you want your child to do something that he has never done before, take a little time to do it for him or show him how to do it the first time.


  • Always encourage your child to be independent. Don't be so impatient if he is taking a long time, let him learn to do things on his own.If you end up doing things for your child, then no use of complaining that "my child is so slow"...It's you who is responsible not your child!


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Good One

Very good article. Very to the point.and precise.

Helpful post...:-) Thanks.

Helpful post...:-)


I feel that every child has

I feel that every child has his/her own pace of doing stuff.Comparing your child with any other child is the biggest mistake parents can do. Very informative post.



I'm a mom of 5 kids and after school i sit at the kitchen table and one kid at a time we do homework I've tried everything you've mentioned..nothing works. I don't give answers and if it's not complete by 8pm they get sent to bed. I have a star system for the past two years and it works but not 100%. My oldest can sit there all day and just do nothing. I have to constantly tell him homework..homework..homework. It's aggravating. Every time I say that word I take off a star and reward a star for the homework that's been done without my saying so. Still though he just likes to hear me repeat it millions of time. I'm annoyed and tired of it. Then my third son well he just cries when I erase something not well done or tell him to repeat it. Every time he cries I take off a star but I also reward him when he completes each task without crying. I don't understand why he's doing that at home he says he doesn't do that at school. What else can I try ?? I've had other people talk to them. I've tried telling them I'm gonna embarrass them at school. I've told them I was gonna tell their friends and teachers. I've taken away all games and play time they can now only buy it with stars and only if homework has been done. Please what else can I do ?

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